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About Me
Arfy || Female || 23
UF '10|| BS Zoology
UF '14 || MS Biomedical Engineering

Tumbles for my personal art and other shenanigans. View at your own risk.

This was supposed to be a trad sketch, but the sketch in my sketchbook is so horribly horrible that I decided to go over it in an equally horrible fashion in PS. «

Let’s just pretend that… there aren’t a million glaring mistakes in here. Maybe even a billion.

Anyway, gift for Allison of ArySphinx, since I didn’t wait to find out who you wanted for our sketch trade (sorry! ;A;).

So, believe it or not, most of the stuff I draw I draw with some sort of symbolism in mind. »;  This picture is no exception, but I really don’t feel like elaborating on it. Maybe those of you who know more about Ary might get it. <3