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Arfy || Female || 23
UF '10|| BS Zoology
UF '14 || MS Biomedical Engineering

Tumbles for my personal art and other shenanigans. View at your own risk.

Uhhhh… wanted to make an example of something non furry for my speed paint commissions, but admittedly I went a little overboard (but not really bc I’m not sure how I’d do something like this otherwise. :x )

Anyway, Allison is ALWAYS offering to get a commission from me whenever I decide to open them, so I thought I’d just gift this to her instead for being such a sweetheart.  Also, I haven’t been very supportive lately and for that I am very sorry. :’c

Ary!Relk is her bebe. Your markings are cool Ary, but they hurt my hand. :’c